Syringe Needle Destroyer
Syringe Needle Destroyer


Each year, there are nearly a million accidental needle sticks. Not only there is an obvious need to reduce the risk for the safety of your staff, there's also a mandate


Working Pattern  



To destroy a non-coated 16 to 30 gauge needle, insert it into the aperture. The current oxidizes the needle into a metallic ash of ferric, nickel and chromium oxides known as swarf.

After the needle is oxidized to the hub place the syringe into the syringe cutter aperture. Gently press the switch provided. The motorized cutter cuts the hub of the syringe living the syringe non usable.





The swarf gets collected in the bin.




The left over can be disposed off in your non sharp bio hazardous waste system




Controls and safety's
Sensor to prohibit operation when the bin has been removed

Material : Stainless steel body
Size : 8”w * 12”d * 6”h
Weight : 5.7 Kgs
Input Supply : 230 V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz
Consumption : less then 20VA

Portable safe & cost effective system for doctors nurses pathologists and healthcare professionals.

Do not operate in the presence of flammable liquids, vapours, operating rooms or in the presences of elevated oxygen levels. Some sparking will occur