Digital Countdown Timer

The digital countdown timer offered by us is fabricated using modern tools which make it highly reliable. It is known for its multitasking and high operational accuracy. It displays the time, date, day and temperature on the screen.

The speciality of the timer is the countdown mode. It can also be wall hanged. It is easy to install with 12 or 24 hour format with seconds. It is mainly used in hospitals, government buildings, commercial establishments and industries.


Setting Option:

  • On board Setting with Physical Security Key
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Setting Only Through Computer Software:
    • Only Master user: Can set their count down on online software
    • All the user of the team can only download the common countdown
  • External Machine Control Input
  • When there are no events it can act as digital clock too to show the current timing (Type 1 & 2)


  • Conference / Speaker Alert System: A diplomatic approach on time management for your chief guest or speakers
  • Count Down for any Event
  • For any new Launch Date (like IPO Launch)
  • Exam Timings
  • For any Project Completion date (Constructions, IT software)
  • Sports or Gaming
  • Any automation working Process
  • New Year Eve Count Down
  • For your personal goals
  • Common Goal for any size team
  • Traffic Signal Count Down Timer
  • Control of any machineries equipments along with automation