LED Video Wall

An LED video wall is an LED display screen. They aid in conveying a message to a particular target audience and are an effective advertising tool. They are widely used in shopping malls, stadiums, event venues, supermarkets, bus stops, railway stations and many other places.

The LED video walls offered by us have an excellent picture quality which gives a superior visual experience. The display units also have a great degree of sharpness, clarity and resolution.

Specifications of Automation Product Development Service
Features Of Product Amazing picture quality
Superior visual experience
Standard design
High resolution
Ultra high brightness
Extremely cost effective
Outdoor advertising tool
Usage Indoor, Outdoor, Semiindoor, Flame Proof, Vechile
Visiblety of digital Size 2in ( 25m, red), 4in ( 50m red), 6 in ( 75 red), 8in ( 100m, red and green ), 12 in (125m, red and green )